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Product Release Notes: 3.1

DocuWalk 3.1 went live on Monday, the 22nd of March 2021. Here’s an overview of a few updates to our platform.

Custom Branding

Now you or your organization can have a custom logo appear at the top of the application. This gives you or your company more visibility so when your clients or other users are interacting with documents inside DocuWalk they’ll see your logo right up top.

File Management

When you delete an entire project a warning will appear asking you if you are sure you want to delete the Project. If the Project folder is empty, no warning will appear.

Note: in DocuWalk whenever a contract has been signed it is not possible to delete the file.

Upgraded Elements

When you click out of an Element it now has a Saving Changes message appear.

Avatars are a little less blurry


Now you can navigate to a document directly from the avatar pictures under the alarm bell. Each notification in the menu will have a link to the document it references.

Upgraded Avatars

We also made some improvements to the avatar pictures that show up for each account owner. They are less blurry and if you hover your cursor over the picture the person’s full name will appear. Avatars will also now appear in chat messaging. Users can also see all the other users of a document by clicking on File Information.

How ShelterZoom Makes Real Estate Transactions Easier For All

We have a news byte in Bits Online about how ShelterZoom's blockchain technology makes it easier to conduct real estate transactions online.

ShelterZoom Covered In High Profile

The news keeps coming about our plans for making real estate transactions easier to carry out online. High Profile is the latest publication to cover our news.

Which Mortgage Gives ShelterZoom A Shoutout

Thanks to WhichMortgage for including us in their news round up about real estate technology.

Staten Island Lives Announces ShelterZoom's Latest

Thanks to Staten Island Live for covering the news about ShelterZoom and our co-founder, and bonafide Staten Islander himself, Allen Alishahi.

Looking For More Info On How Our Product Will Work? Start Here

Here's an early look back at our plans for how to streamline the real estate process for all parties involved in the transaction. Thanks to Mortgage Professionals Association for covering our news.

Make An Offer On A House Using Blockchain?

The next phase of growth in the real estate industry will be taking things even more online. We had a write-up from Mortgage Professionals of America about our blockchain technology when it comes to real estate.

Inman News Covers ShelterZoom's Real Estate Plans

Our roots in real estate started over thirty years ago when one of our co-founders, Allen Alishahi, became a real estate broker. Here is a write-up from Inman about our plans for the real estate vertical.

ShelterZoom Co-Founders Awarded RISMedia Newsmaker Award

The news just broke that both ShelterZoom co-founders, Chao Cheng-Shorland and Allen Alishahi, were recognized as RISMedia NewsMakers for the second year running. This has an extra layer of special meaning since the roots of ShelterZoom began in the real estate industry given Allen's 30-year career as a real estate broker. Allen was honored as a Crusader: Champion of a Better Way and Chao was named a Trendsetter: Creative Thinker. Click through to read about their accomplishments.

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ShelterZoom was founded in 2017 by Allen Alishahi and Chao Cheng-Shorland who wanted to bring real estate transactions up to the level that consumers of today expect. We have since created the world’s first tokenized, industry-agnostic digital contract platform to advance deal, contract and transaction management in the online space. As first-movers in the space we have had the privilege of claiming vital patents, extensive press coverage, and the ability to capitalize on the momentum of our initial product.
Our industry agnostic platform provides an enormous market potential. We have established an extensive global network, and have initial clients in real estate, legal, insurance, commerce and will further target industries such as supply chain, financial services, civil, medicine, and energy.
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The Team
The ShelterZoom team includes highly experienced real estate, e-Commerce, financial services and technology experts, hall-of-fame designers, internationally recognized lawyers, award-winning PR and marketing professionals, and an elite cadre of programmers with decades of experience.
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After an initial investment from the two founders and several angel investors, ShelterZoom is in the process of opening up a Series A round for investors.
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We have a strong growth projection based on segment and overall market size. With the acceleration of remote and work from home initiatives by both small and medium size business we see an ever growing opportunity in SaaS software aimed at consumers and business.
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