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Business Professional
$ 3040/month

Marketing and Lead Generation

QR Scan A simple and quick way to provide prospective and existing clients lead generation materials. Simple to sign up and connect.
Instant Lead Alert and Client Engagement
Buyer Information All-In-One Value Pack
Agent Recruitment Value Pack
Pre-built Real Estate Templates

Document and Contract Management

Folder Management
Inline Editor
Document Segment and Contract Term Management
Status tracking
Virtual Negotiation Room Keep track of the changes during your real-time negotiation so you can always refer back to previous versions.
Real time multi-party collaboration Don't waste time collaborating on PDFs back and forth through email. Work on them in real time in a blockchain secure environment on DocuWalk.
Add Attachments
File upload
Chat and messaging
Documents and Contracts Sharing
PDF Workbench Collaboration
PDF Download


Document and Contract Tokenization
Supported file types

Virtual Negotiation

Virtual Negotiation Room
Virtual negotiation track changes
Side by Side Negotiation
Contract Term Matching

Blockchain Signature & E-Signature

Blockchain Signature

Permission management

Multi-level Rights & Permission Management

Transaction/Project Management

Project Management in DocuWalk Library

Template Management

Template Creator
Template Publishing
Pre-built Templates
Pre-built Real Estate Templates

Team Management

Group User Management
Enterprise Branding


User Analytics
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Support and Community

Priority Feature Access We roll out the latest features to this tier first so you have access to the newest bells and whistles.
Phone Support Access our dedicated support team for large-scale companies
Priority Support If you need help, call our Customer Support reps to talk you through your questions. We're available in most time zones around the world.
Document Token™ and Contract Token™ Solution
Document Token/Contract Token, a fundamental part of ShelterZoom’s proprietary blockchain technology landscape, provides corporate/individual ownership and allows the delegation of access and operational rights on documents and contracts. The full document lifecycle (document event history) is stored in the token. Document Token/Contract Token establishes consumer and stakeholder confidence, as well as total trust, security and auditability
DocuWalk technology powers the Document of ThingsTM (DoT™) and Contract of ThingsTM (CoT™)
This is a revolutionary way fo making documents and contracts interconnected, interoperable, and more powerful than ever before. Until now paper trails have been silo’d and static affairs. The Document of Things and Contract of Things technology allows the documentation that supports so much of our business and personal lives to become living documents that follow a person, item, property or other asset and adapt to its changing needs.
Free Blockchain Signature
It's your signature you and your signees shouldn’t have to pay to use it
Your Private Library
Store all your files in one easy-to-use personal library backed up by blockchain security
Verifiable Signature
Make sure you know the right person is signing each contract with a verifiable tokenized blockchain signature
Multi-level Permission management
Ensure only the people you want to make changes or comment on a file are able to with many more permission levels than other document management platforms
Custom Branding
Your company logo or User Photo can appear on all your documents and any notifications you send to your clients or collaborators
PDF Editing and Management
Users can import PDFs from elsewhere and turn them into editable forms that can then be signed with a blockchain signature
Template Creator
Prevent errors on company-wide required documentation and save yourself time by building custom Templates in DocuWalk. Recipients can only input text into fields you assign so there is no risk of anyone changing the text elsewhere in the file
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