The most secure documents and contracts with full auditability.

We built DocuWalk to the highest standards of document tracing and auditability. Create, manage and distribute files with the most control of any system available today. Our industry-leading software lets local, state and federal governments streamline the management of all their documents while lowering overhead costs.

Learn why DocuWalk works for the public sector at every level.

Learn why DocuWalk works for your strict civil and government requirements.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamline the workflow by creating, managing, and storing everything in the same secure platform.

Security Standards

Our Blockchain-based security meets or exceeds most regulatory security standards and guidelines.

Legacy Documents

Upload and digitize legacy documents and convert them to digitized searchable documents.

Public Forms

Collect and manage RFP proposals and responses at the local, state, and federal levels.

Customer Spotlight The Credo Company

“Security, trust and efficiency are all paramount and needed when working in the public sector. DocuWalk’s platform provides all three needs by delivering safer, more transparent transactions, documents and communications at a quicker and less expensive pace. DocuWalk has the ability to transform how the public sector handles any transactions where documentation is needed.”
Robert J. Kovey,
Managing Partner,
The Credo Company

Former Congressman

“Governments at all levels are responsible for the management and security of millions of documents, many of which contain personal information of the citizens they are charged to serve and protect. Whether it be the enormity of a national administration or a small county municipality, DocuWalk is the solution that provides government with the ability to carry out this mandate.”
Dan M. Donovan Jr,
Former Congressman
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